Download a PDF of my curriculum vitae right here. You can tell from the filename how up-to-date it is… will try to keep it reasonably current, but life gets busy sometimes.

Until recently I had a short-form, business-style résumé listed here as well, but it was getting to be woefully outdated and I think most people would get more use out of my academic-style CV, linked above. So, let’s just stick with the CV for now — but if you do need any other details, feel free to get in touch with me (contact info is listed in the CV).


2 thoughts on “CV

  1. Thank you for your website. It came up on a google search for functional MRI Malaysia.

    I work in Cambodia but frequently visit Malacca. Can you recommend a hospital in KL with a functional MRI service? I want to *see* where tinnitus is in my brain. In order to rule out aneurism etc I have already had a normal MRI done. Fascinating imaging with the newer machines such as Siemens. The results verified what my mother always told me: ‘nothing inside’.

    I am very skeptical of Dr. Amen and Bangkok medical imaging has priced itself out of my budget when I last checked.

    • Hi there. Sorry to hear about your tinnitus; hope it is not too bad. (I have just a touch of it myself from time to time.)

      I am not a medical doctor, so please don’t take my advice too seriously — but I don’t think functional MRI is your best bet. It isn’t used very much for medical purposes in general, but in particular I don’t think it would be very helpful for tinnitus. First, because tinnitus most frequently comes from your actual ear; second, because of the way fMRI works, it is not very good at picking up brain activity that is ongoing (rather than occurring in short bursts); and third, because fMRI itself makes a very loud “ringing” type noise, which would totally drown out the tinnitus while you were being scanned!

      My best advice to you would be to try to find the best ear specialist you can and consult with them.

      Good luck,

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