Programming for Psychologists!

Just a quick note that I have indeed released the video podcasts and other course materials for my “Programming for Psychologists” class to the general public. You’ll find links to all relevant stuff on my Links page.

The (rather ambitious) aim of the class was to teach programming in Python and Matlab to a group of final-year undergraduates with no prior programming experience. Because my field is cognitive neuroscience, the focus was on learning to program psychology and cognitive neuroscience experiments using the software packages PsychoPy (implemented in Python) and Psychtoolbox (implemented in Matlab). But I think it could be a decent introduction for anyone hoping to learn those languages or programming in general.

In the end, I think it went pretty well — the students who actually took the class live did very well, considering that they had no previous experience and we went fairly fast. The podcast was intended mainly so they could review lectures without having to take notes during class — so the production quality is not super-professional (it was just recorded using the webcam of the MacBook Air I used to lecture from), but it should be good enough for the content to come across.

I’m happy to take feedback and comments — I’d really like to do a second, more polished version of the course at some later date and put it on iTunes University or a similar site.

Also, a quick plug — I loosely based the format of the lectures and the podcasts on the excellent classes on iOS programming taught at Stanford University by Paul Hegarty, which I had watched via iTunes U. I won’t link directly to them since there are minor title changes each year the class is taught and re-released, but that should be sufficient for you to find them on iTunes University yourself. Highly recommended if you like the format of this class and/or are interested in learning to program iOS apps.


New podcast!

OK, this seems like an appropriate topic for a REAL first post. My buddy Matt Krause and I have just started a podcast, The Super Science Happy Hour with Matt & Matt.

There’s only one episode so far and it’s as rough as pilot episodes tend to be, but hopefully like fine wine, cheese, or Dame Helen Mirren, we will continue to grow more delightful with age, until of course we reach the tipping point where we turn all moldy and/or vinegary.

Anyway, you can check out the show’s site with notes and more links here, or subscribe on iTunes here.